Ship a Car from Louisiana To Minnesota

Louisiana to Minnesota Auto Transport Hire the Best for the Job

Driving all the way for Louisiana to Minnesota to relocate a vehicle is no trip for amateurs. Even though the road is winding amongst beautiful scenery, covering the 1,300 miles that separates the two states is not only time and energy consuming, but costly as well.

We, here at American Auto Move, can offer you a great, cheap solution for your vehicle relocation needs: choose us and we will take care of all your transport needs.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

Because the services we offer are exactly what you need. Our Louisiana to Minnesota shipping plans are varied and flexible, allowing you to put together your own plan:

- hire us and you get to choose the type of the hauler your vehicle will be loaded on we usually recommend open carriers for standard vehicle and enclosed haulers for special cars or more sensitive vehicles, but the choice is really up to you;

- hire us and we will pick up your vehicle from the location that is the best for you if you choose one of our door-to-door plans, we can load your vehicle right at your address. Our terminal services make it possible for you to take your vehicle to us and reduce your auto shipping costs even further.

We Get Your Vehicle to Its Destination on the Blink of an Eye

We have earned the reputation of being one of the fastest auto shipping companies in the nation. Our standard pick-up times are about 50% faster than the turnarounds offered by our competitors: with us, you can get your vehicle loaded within 2-4 days.

We also offer expedited, next-day shipping services for metro areas.

How much does it Cost to Get Your Vehicle Shipped from Louisiana to Minnesota?

Less than you would think. We leverage our excellent negotiating position for the benefit of our customers; so, with us, you can be sure you get the best price possible. If you choose us, all you will have to pay is the flat rate we propose no tricks, no small print involved.

Get Your Quote Right Away Free of Charge

You can obtain your free quote right away – so why hesitate? Call us at (888) 201-2370 and talk to one of our Louisiana to Minnesota auto transport specialists yourself, or submit your request on our website and we will get back to you within minutes with the best, most convenient quote you can get.