Ship a Car from Kentucky to Texas

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How to Avoid the Common Difficulties of Moving a Car from Kentucky to Texas

Despite the fact that shipping a vehicle from Kentucky to Texas is probably the easiest thing you can do to avoid some of the hassles associated with moving to another state, many people still choose to just drive the distance instead.

This is mainly because most shipping companies don’t have a very good reputation in terms of keeping their clients’ cars safe on the journey, and people also have the misconception that working with the best companies may be expensive.

About Kentucky

Getting your car from Kentucky to Texas without car shipping services can be quite tricky to say the least. It’s not so much that the drive itself would be dangerous – although that is a possibility – but the distance is quite large, and a road trip can be exceptionally boring in some cases. Also, you still need to keep a close eye on the weather conditions.

Kentucky is one of the most diverse and interesting states in the US, with a lot of different resources and regions and a humid subtropical climate that can cause weather changes just about every few minutes or so.

The state is about 1,000 miles away from Texas by car. Of course, it really depends on where you actually live within Kentucky, as it may not be the largest state in the Midwest, but it stretches out towards the east, so driving to Texas from the eastern part of the state can add a few hundred miles to your trip.

Traveling vs. Shipping

Traveling to Texas by car may still seem fun, but how much does it cost to move a car from Kentucky to Texas without using a shipping company? Well, it will not be cheap in most cases, and you will also be missing out on all the advantages that a good auto transport company has to offer.

American Auto Move can set your mind at ease, as you will be working with one of the best shipping companies in the United States. We can guarantee that your car will gets to the destination much faster than what other companies can promise you, and we will also make sure that safety will not be a problem. The rates we provide are also much less demanding than what you might normally be used to, since our focus on quality has helped us expand our services along the years and keep our prices as low as possible.

You won’t have to drive your car from Kentucky to Texas and possibly damage it on the road, and you can rest assured that we can also comply with any special requirements you may need for added convenience.