Ship a Car from Kentucky to Ohio

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The Trip from Kentucky to Ohio Does Not Have to Be Stressful and Exhausting

Driving your car from Kentucky to Ohio is not such a big deal, but, when your car is out of order, when you are tired or in a hurry, the trip can become a real problem. The alternative is find an offer for cheap auto shipping from Kentucky to Ohio and take advantage of it.

Why Outsource the Transportation?

There are numerous Kentucky to Ohio car shipping companies, and American Auto Move is one of the best. Shipping your car with us is the best decision that you could make, as we are reliable and flexible, offering you various transport options, like direct transport, enclosed transport, shipping at terminal, express shipping and port to port transfer. Our representatives are always ready to get your car from Kentucky to Ohio in the best conditions.

Direct auto transfer is the basic, the most common way of shipping cars, and involves loading a large number of cars in a truck or hauler and transferring them from one place to another, based on a route agreed with the clients, covering the delivery addresses provided.

The enclosed auto transfer from Kentucky to Ohio refers to shipping cars in a special, enclosed trailer, in order to ensure protection against any outside threat, be it wind, rain, storm, hail, dust or anything else. This is a valuable choice for race and luxury cars, but also for those who love their cars too much to leave them exposed to the weather caprices.

Port to port shipping means transferring cars overseas, picking them from major ports in US and operating with different other firms in order to secure a fast and cheaper transfer. There is a small detail here: due to the unpredictable weather, sometimes, unloading the car or arriving at destination can take longer than initially appreciated, because no one can fight the weather. But these last details are irrelevant for the Kentucky to Ohio vehicle shipping service, as on water transportation is out of discussion between these two points.

What Are the Implications of Outsourcing?

We are known as the best car shipping company from Kentucky to Ohio, and we can be contacted by phone, anytime, at 954-278-3861, or online, at Ask for a shipping quote, and we will get back to you with a complete offer, so that we can agree on the taking over and handing over date and time, for the Kentucky to Ohio car shipping project – you have to admit that leaving your car in our hands is the best thing that you can do!