Ship a Car from Kentucky to North Carolina

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The Best Way to Ship a Car from Kentucky to North Carolina

There is a lot of talk about car shipping companies in America, particularly when it comes to short distance routes such as the one from Kentucky to North Carolina.

Because of the smaller distance – somewhere between 300-600 miles, depending on the pickup and delivery locations – as well as the fact that the overall conditions most time of the year would allow people to drive quite safely from one state to another without worrying about their vehicle’s integrity, vehicle shipping companies are often pressured to come up with faster, more efficient ideas.

In Search for a Better and Safer Services

Whether you’ve won or bought a new car at an auction or through an online sale, getting it from Kentucky to North Carolina may pose a greater problem than you initially thought it would.

Many shipping services do provide door-to-door transport, but are unable to ensure that your cargo will be safe every step of the way, or in the event that any damage due to severe weather, accidents or other unforeseeable events may occur, their reputation in dealing with insurance related issues is poor at best.

You also have to ask yourself, what is the price to move a vehicle from Kentucky to North Carolina with the help of some of these companies?

Since most of the time quotes largely depend on the distance between the pickup and delivery points due to the fuel expenses required for transporting the trailer, shorter distances such as those between these two states are understandably cheaper to cover.

Most car shipping companies, however, are unable to offer much better rates than what you’d normally pay for a one way trip driving your vehicle yourself.

The Benefits of Choosing American Auto Move

Here at American Auto Move, we proud ourselves on the fact that we treat the case of each of our clients with a high level of professionalism.

Our expert drivers will do their best to protect your car on its journey, and unlike in the case of other carrier firms, they do have the facilities needed at their disposal in order to make certain that your vehicle is delivered safely.

You will be kept informed of your car’s location and status all the time, and our comprehensive insurance coverage will handle any problems – however unlikely – that could come up during the delivery process.

American Auto Move is one of the only Kentucky to North Carolina vehicle shipping companies with a rate of success well above the average level of 91%, and, with our simple and convenient shipping process, we can ensure that you will get your car delivered as quickly and safely as possible.