Ship a Car from Kentucky to New Jersey

Need to Get Your Car from Kentucky to New Jersey and Cannot Drive All the Way? Here Is an Option

If you read this, it means that you are planning to find a more convenient way to get your car from Kentucky to New Jersey. Of course, you can drive it, but the distance of approximately 680 miles between the two states can be covered in almost 11h of non-stop driving.

This could be quite a challenge for a one-day drive and, due to the traffic and weather conditions which may affect your schedule, it is usually covered in two days. It is also true that, in a real trip, you may face different kind of unexpected situations, like speed limitations, road works or even mechanical problems on your car, so that the amount of effort and time you need for such a trip is considerable.

Why Not Hire an Auto Transport Company from Kentucky to New Jersey?

This way, you can reach your destination fresh and be able to use your car there. Just take an airplane or a train, have a relaxing trip and let us take care of your car. At American Auto Move, we offer professional services, we have been doing so for quite a while and many customers consider us the best Kentucky to New Jersey auto shipping company.

We can reach almost any destination in the country, so we can definitely transport your car from Kentucky to New Jersey. And the best part is that all of this will happen while you will use your precious time relaxing or preparing for business meetings.

What Do You Have to Do in Order to Hire Cheap Car Shipping From Kentucky to New Jersey?

By deciding to leave the transportation of your vehicle to professionals, you are already on the right track, remaining only to make sure that your car gets the attention and smooth handling it deserves.

For that, check our website, and get a free quote for the shipping from Kentucky to New Jersey, based on your specific requirements: type of car, pick up and destination locations, special needs, etc. You may also call us at (888) 201-2370 and discuss with one of our agents who will be pleased to help;

After you decide on all the details, just visit us, fill in all the papers needed, pay the fee and let us take care of your car all the way from Kentucky to New Jersey.