Ship a Car from Kentucky to Hawaii

Need Help Transporting a Car from Kentucky to Hawaii? Contact American Auto Move!

Are you planning to move from Kentucky to Hawaii and want to bring your car there too, but this seems like a big challenge that will cost you a lot of money? American Auto Move will prove you that you have nothing to worry about. Sit back and let American Auto Move find the best auto transport plan for you, as they have done before for hundreds and hundreds of pleased customers.

How about Getting the Car There Yourself?

The shortest distance from Kentucky to Hawaii is of approximately 4,400 miles. The best option of covering this distance is traveling by plane, which takes around 10 hours (and, of course, rules out taking the car with you). If you decide on driving to the coast, you will be facing a long and exhausting trip, after which you will have to find a good ocean shipping company to delivery your vehicle safe and sound to the destination. Close to the Atlantic coast, the Kentucky is mostly mountainous and it is bordered by the Ohio River and the Mississippi River. It usually has a very busy traffic, which can turn to be nerve-racking. Once you leave Kentucky, you have to cross states with a mostly flat terrain, with deserts and semiarid areas. Therefore, your journey may not be as exciting and interesting as you might think. Wouldn’t it be easier to fly to Hawaii and let professionals handle all the auto transport details?

We Are Here to Help!

Contact American Auto Move at (888) 201-2370 or fill out the quote form you will find on the home page, and we’ll handle your Kentucky to Hawaii car shipping with the greatest care and professionalism. With us, you will still be in absolute control, but will not have to go through all the hassle related to auto transport. You get to decide which transport plan suits your budget and what kind of carrier your car gets transported on. You can also benefit from a free service that will allow you to track your vehicle at any time. And, most importantly, we are able to offer cheap auto transport solutions without compromising on quality. Therefore, if you are searching for a reliable and affordable shipping company, look no more! With American Auto Move, you get the best Kentucky to Hawaii auto transport service at the best rates!