Ship a Car from Kentucky to California

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Benefit From the Best Kentucky to California Car Shipping Service with American Auto Move

Are you relocating from Kentucky to California? Well, then you will definitely need help with one of the most challenging parts of the process – moving your car! The 2,288 miles driving distance from Kentucky to your new home in California is quite a lot to handle. Luckily for you, there is a stress-free, cheap and more convenient alternative to the hours and hours spent behind the wheel, and that is hiring American Auto Move to take care of everything for you.

How Long in Advance Do I Have to Contact the Company?

If you want to make sure that your vehicle will be on the Kentucky to California car shipping carrier as soon as possible, then you should place your order 5 to 7 days in advance. That way, you will be the first person we call if someone cancels an order, hence allowing your car to occupy a vacant spot and thus start the trip earlier.

Can I Carry Anything Else Inside the Car?

Another benefit of working with us is the fact that, besides the car, you are allowed to transport other things too, thus saving money and time. It does not matter what you want to send – just put them inside the trunk of your car, but make sure that the total weight does not exceed the maximum permitted amount. That depends on the carrier and the number of cars it transports at once. Be careful though about what you decide to transport this way, because the objects will not be covered by the travel insurance.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car From Kentucky to California?

Even though we are known for the quality of our services, we practice rates that no other car shipping companies can compete with. To get an accurate price estimation personalized to your specific requirements, call (888) 201-2370 or fill out the quote form on the sidebar with a few details about your car and your requirements, and you will see that, indeed, we offer the best rates in the business. What is more, the price estimations we send you now are extremely accurate, thus you can rest assured you will not have any unpleasant surprise when you add up the final costs after the delivery. Don’t have the time to wait for a personalized quote from an auto transport expert? Then get an instant auto transport quote from us right now!

Contact American Auto Move now and enjoy the fastest, most convenient and most reliable Kentucky to California car shipping service!