Ship a Car from Kansas To West Virginia

Driving from Kansas to West Virginia Is No Longer an Option Hiring American Auto Move Is Your Only Choice!

The distance from Kansas to West Virginia is of approximately 961 miles. To cover it, you would have to drive for at least 15 hours without stopping. Instead of driving and exhausting yourself, you can have your car transported by American Auto Move. We offer the best auto shipping service from Kansas to West Virginia, not by our standards, but by those of our thousands of satisfied customers.

If you do a little research, you will see that we are the best solution for getting your car from one place to another without risks time waste, effort and unnecessary expenses. Here are two of our most popular services available on the route from Kansas to West Virginia.

Open Car Shipping

This is one of the most used methods for transporting a vehicle. It is flexible, widely available and it involves the lowest costs, because on an open trailer we can load between 8 and 10 cars at the same time, even when they are large vehicles like SUVs or even trucks.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This service is conceived for people who desire additional protection for their car. Whether you have a low profile car or a show car, this is the most adequate solution for you. The enclosed trailer has soft tie-downs, a climate control system and fits only 2 or 3 cars. Because of this, the enclosed auto shipping price from Kansas to West Virginia is a little higher than the open car shipping price.

On long trips, our drivers are only allowed to stay behind the wheel for 8 hours. After that, they need several hours of sleep, to ensure the safety of the transport, because a tired driver may cause accidents.

Apart from this, no matter what type of transport you choose from Kansas to West Virginia, we offer insurance for your car. This means that, if any accident happens along the way, we will cover all the costs of the repairs. The insurance is included in the vehicle shipping costs from Kansas to West Virginia.

For additional information or for placing the order for shipping your car from Kansas to West Virginia, give us a call or use the contact form at, and we will be happy to get back to you with all the information you want.