Ship a Car from Kansas To Puerto Rico

Shipping Your Car from Kansas to Puerto Rico Mission Impossible?

Shipping your car on a distance of over 2,390 miles in straight line, and above the Caribbean Sea, from Kansas to Puerto Rico, could seem impossible for anyone, and many shipping companies will tell you that they cannot do it. Even those who can, will charge an exaggerate price for such a task. Well, you are fortunate to read these lines, because American Auto Move is the transport company that can deal with such challenges.

Does Anyone Dare to Send Their Car from Kansas to Puerto Rico?

You can count on us for this type of vehicle shipping, because we are among the few ones who can undertake perform such endeavors. This is a result of the experience we have acquired during the hundreds of thousands of vehicle shipping contracts that we have had, which have demonstrated that we are a reliable Kansas to Puerto Rico vehicle shipping carrier.

What Shipping Methods Are Used by American Auto Move?

We use several transport methods, such as direct auto transport, express auto transport, enclosed auto transport, open car shipping or port to port auto shipping, according to the clients particular circumstances. For a route like that from Kansas to Puerto Rico, we need to combine any of the land shipping methods with the port to port auto shipping.

Since the distance on land is considerable, we recommend enclosed auto transport for this segment. It will protect your car better against natural threats like storms, hail or snow, and will not require exaggerate Kansas to Puerto Rico auto shipping costs. This way, you will be guaranteed increased security of your car during the transport and a decent price for the service. With respect to the maritime transport, our partner, Matson Navigation, will take custody of your car and bring it safe to Puerto Rico.

Contact Us to Find out How Your Car Can Be Shipped to Puerto Rico

We, at American Auto Move, are always here to answer your questions and give you the best Kansas to Puerto Rico vehicle shipping quote possible. We have a website,, that explains all our types of transport in detail, and a phone line, 1-888-201-2370, where you can get in direct contact with an operator who can give you additional information about vehicle shipping from Kansas to Puerto Rico, such as the price of this service, eventual discounts, the way your car is picked up and delivered, and more.