Ship a Car from Kansas To Colorado

American Auto Move – An Unparalleled Service in Transporting Cars from Kansas toColorado

Transporting your car from Kansas toColorado is a tedious task because of the distance, which is of 427 miles. Driving on I-70 W will take approximately 8 hours to reach destination.

There are, however, many issues you may have to face while driving a car for over 8 hours, like: physical fatigue due to the long hours, wear and tear of your car, unpredictable road traffic and seasonal changes in routes (some highways exits are seasonally closed).

Keeping all these factors in mind, it is always beneficial to transport your car with a car shipping carrier from Kansas toColorado. Your car will be shipped to its destination without any effort from your part.

What Are the Service Standards for American Auto Move?

At American Auto Move, we maintain high standards of service for every car we ship. We provide pick up and drop off from your home or any other location of your choice. We offer you as means of shipment an open carrier for normal cars and low budgets, or an enclosed carrier for bad weather shipping or more expensive cars.

A fast service will ensure the taking over of your car within 24 hours from the moment you have placed your order. At American Auto Move, we transport your car from Kansas toColorado or to anywhere in the country within the fastest time possible. We have a dedicated team of agents who work 24/7 to fulfil any requests regarding car transportation.

American Auto Move is the best car shipping company from Kansas to Colorado, not because we say so, but because our records prove it and we provide you with the best rates on the market for reliable and timely services.

The vehicle shipping price from Kansas to Colorado offered by many shipping companies is often misleading, hiding additional costs or not including certain facilities, like the insurance. We offer you a one off charge that includes both the shipping rate and the insurance.

We have advanced GPS technology, to allow you to track online the status and location of your car, and, thus, estimate the time of the delivery.

The almost 500 miles drive from Kansas toColorado can be a tiresome journey, but not if you professionals like us handle the details.

How to Contact us?

You can contact us online, through our website, at and ask any questions or place your order for shipping from Kansas toColorado.