Ship a Car from Iowa To West Virginia

Get Your Car from Iowa to West Virginia with American Auto Move

If you bought a car in Iowa, it will not be easy to drive it for about 846 miles from Iowa to West Virginia, because it means at least 14 hours of driving without stops, and that would cost you a lot of money. This is why American Auto Move is offering you the best auto transport price from Iowa to West Virginia.

A Quick Price Quote

We have implemented a special application on our website that allows you to get the most accurate quote for the distance on which you need shipping. It is called Quick Quote and it is user-friendly.

All you have to do is to fill in the data you have available your contact information, departure and destination city, as well as the specifications of your car. You should provide a move date too, so that we know how much time we have available for planning the shipping. Everything will be processed instantly and you will receive an accurate Iowa to West Virginia quote.

It is recommended to be careful when filling in the details required for the auto shipping quote from Iowa to West Virginia, because, ff the data is incorrect, you might end up with the wrong price.

How Will We Move the Car?

Based on your booking, we will take your data and schedule the pickup with one of our teams. Because it is the most popular and the most affordable, we recommend open car shipping. This is the standard service, not only safe, but also very cost effective compared to other transportation services available for example Iowa to West Virginia enclosed auto transport costs with almost 50% more. Of course, the price is justified by the conditions: soft ties, climate control, enclosed trailer, but not everyone can afford to pay it.

Your car will be shipped with an auto transport carrier from Iowa to West Virginia. We will load it at one of our terminals or at the address you provide, depending on what you choose, anchor it safely and get it to our terminal in West Virginia or to the address you give us.

The cost of the transportation will not be influenced by the additional insurance we offer for your car to cover any damage that might occur during the transportation. For further information on the insurance from Iowa to West Virginia give us a call or check our website at