Ship a Car from Iowa to Washington

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If You Want to Ship Your Car from Iowa to Washington, American Auto Move Is There to Help You

If you think driving from Iowa to Washington for 20 hours is a difficult job, then you should know that there is an alternative: using a professional car shipping company.

American Auto Move is a subsidiary of American Auto Move and we offer the lowest car shipping costs from Iowa to Washington. With over 10,000 cars transported yearly we have the expertise, the skilled drivers and the dedication to bring your car to its destination safely.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Vehicle Shipping Company?

The distance from Iowa to Washington is about 1,300 miles if you take the shortest route via I-90, but then you would have to go through the cities of Sioux City and Sioux Falls and some other congested spots as well. Anything can occur during such a long trip: a flat tire, engine failure, bad weather, road construction or even an accident.

With American Auto Move, your car will be insured against damage during transport, and you will not have to worry about either your safety or your car’s.

What Kind of Shipments Are Available Through a Vehicle Shipping Company from Iowa to Washington?

You will be able to choose between open and enclosed shipping from Iowa to Washington. If you own a vintage, classic or luxury car, enclosed shipping is advisable. Enclosed shipping provides additional protection against the weather and road debris, uses soft ties and has a climate-controlled trailer so that nothing can get in to damage your car.

However, the auto transport cost from Iowa to Washington will be higher if you choose enclosed transport. Of course, it is worth the extra money for a special vehicle.

How to Contact American Auto Move

The auto transport rate from Iowa to Washington varies according to many different factors, so the best way to see what your car’s shipping would cost is to go to our website at and fill out our quick quote form. We will give you a personalized auto shipping quote from Iowa to Washington based on where you need the car shipped from and to, the size and weight of the car and some other details.

If you want to have your car transported by a professional carrier company from Iowa to Washington, you can count on American Auto Move.