Ship a Car from Iowa to Tennessee

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Choose the Best Iowa to Tennessee Vehicle Shipping Plan – Choose American Auto Move

Having a vehicle transported from Iowa to Tennessee has never been easier than now, with American Auto Move. If you don’t want to cover all the 720 miles that separate the two states driving the vehicle yourself, our affordable and reliable transport solutions will provide an excellent alternative to the exhausting, time consuming driving on your own – just read on and find out more about our offer.

Choose the Type of Transport and the Type of the Hauler Platform

Two of the most important questions when it comes to vehicle shipping are what type of hauler you should choose and where you can hand over your vehicle. With the Iowa to Tennessee car shipping services offered by American Auto Move, you have several different choices.

We work with open and enclosed carrier platforms alike, so we will surely find the hauler that suits your vehicle best, and we offer several different shipment types as well, including door-to-door and terminal shipping as well.

As an extra option, we have included 24/7 vehicle tracking into all our services free of charge. When you confirm your order, we will give you a password to access our online tracking platform, where you can see how your vehicle is drawing close to the destination.

Extraordinary Efficiency with Short Turnaround Times

We are among the best auto shipping companies in the nation when it comes to transport times as well. Our standard pick-up times are around 2-4 days, about 50% shorter than the turnarounds practiced by most of our competitors. If you need an express service (available only for metro areas), we can also offer exclusive 24-hour shipping plans.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Vehicle Shipped from Iowa to Tennessee?

We provide not only the best service, but the best auto shipping rate as well. Being the top-tier, nation-wide company that we are comes with advantages at the negotiating table as well, so you can be absolutely sure that the rates we give you are unbeatable.

How to Get Started

Getting your free quote is now very easy. If you prefer the phone, call us at (888) 201-2370 and talk to one of our transport specialists in person. If you are more comfortable communicating online, fill out our Quick Quote Form on the sidebar of our website with a few of your contact details and a short description of your requirements, and you will receive a completely customized Iowa to Tennessee vehicle shipping quote within minutes.