Ship a Car from Iowa To Puerto Rico

Iowa to Puerto Rico A Long Distance for Any Car Shipping Company, but Not for American Auto Move

Have you ever asked a transport company to move your car from Iowa to Puerto Rico? If you have, you have probably heard them saying that shipping a car on a distance that exceeds 2,200 miles, out of which an important part involves maritime transport, should cost you so much that you probably gave up the idea of sending your car to Puerto Rico.

Land and maritime transport combined could represent a problem for any vehicle shipping company, but this is not our case. At American Auto Move, we can ship your car to anywhere you like and at a convenient vehicle shipping rate: from Iowa to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, or Guam.

Iowa to Puerto Rico Is a Complex Route

Because a car shipping procedure between Iowa and Puerto Rico involves both land and maritime transport, there are not many companies that can undertake such a task. We can do it because we have gained our experience during years of work in the service of our clients, and we try to do it better and better every day.

As an experienced Iowa to Puerto Rico auto shipping company, we know all the details of the route and can schedule everything so that your vehicle may arrive at destination without being damaged. We also can provide the shortest transport time thanks to our partnership with Matson Navigation, a company renowned for providing excellent maritime shipping services.

To cover the distance from Iowa to Puerto Rico, we use trailers with modern equipment, which bring the necessary safety to your car during the transport. We are also insured, so any incident that could appear before seeing your car delivered is covered by the insurance policy.

Is It Difficult to Get Car Shipping Services from American Auto Move?

As one of the best Iowa to Puerto Rico car shipping companies, we, at American Auto Move, have an excellent interface with our customers. Our website can provide you with all the information you might need when you decide to place a car shipping order with us. You can leave your data in an online form and be contacted by us, or you can call us at 1-888-201-2370 and talk to one of our operators, who will be ready to answer all your questions related to car shipping from Iowa to Puerto Rico.