Ship a Car from Iowa To Connecticut

Prepare Your Car for the Best Iowa to Connecticut Vehicle Shipping Experience

Lately, a large number of people have been using Iowa to Connecticut vehicle shipping to safely transport their cars over the more than 1,200 mile distance and 6 different state borders that separates the two states.

Because these days vehicle transport has become such an expansive industry, however, not many people have the necessary knowledge of how to prepare their cars for the long journey ahead to avoid any issues later on.

Steps to Preparing Your Car

Whether you choose the most expensive vehicle shipping service from Iowa to Connecticut, or youve opted for a low-budget terminal shipping solution, there are a few preparation tasks you always need to know about before handing your car over to your hauler:

  • You should wash your car thoroughly the day before its being picked up.
  • Disable any car alarms to prevent it from going off accidentally during transit.
  • Make sure your car has no more than of a tank of gas to prevent added weight from causing any problems during the move.
  • Even though no one will be driving your car, it still has to be in good shape during the transport. Remember to check all the fluids and make sure the brakes, steering and battery are all in good working order before presenting your car to the shipping company.

Also, keep in mind that some vehicles are more expensive to ship than others. How much does it cost to transport a vehicle from Iowa to Connecticut with a vehicle shipping service that offers average pricing?

This generally depends on the type of car you own, as SUVs and other large or heavy vehicles will cost more to be delivered.

Advanced Options for Vehicle Shipping

When you choose to have your car delivered with one of our carrier services here at American Auto Move, we will provide you with a thorough set of options we can provide for anything from common sedans to sports cars and large military vehicles.

We strive to provide our clients with the best possible shipping solutions, and we will provide you with thorough assistance every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of our reliable and professional service.

If youre looking for secure transport from Iowa to Connecticut and a vehicle shipping rate that will be more than a positive surprise, contact our representatives as soon as possible to discuss the details of the type of service you need.