Ship a Car from Iowa To Colorado

Driving from Iowa toColorado Should Only Be Done on Vacation

A drive from Iowa to Colorado takes 11 hours and 30 minutes and involves 774 miles driving time. If that were part of your holiday trip, it would be understandable, but to drive for so long just to get your car from one state to another is too much.

We, at American Auto Move, have the expertise, the knowledge and the means to help you out, and we are also one of the largest vehicle shipping companies in terms of volume in the country.

By choosing to have your car shipped with us, you can be sure that your vehicle will reach its destination without adding even one extra mile on board and without any wear and tear.

Why Opt for a Car Shipping Service from Iowa to Colorado?

Driving your car from Iowa to Colorado can bring a lot of wear and tear on it and will also add extra mileage that, in time, will decrease your cars price. Therefore, why take such risks for your car when we, at American Auto Move, offer you the possibility to remain in the comfort of your home while a carrier arrives at a pick-up point of your choice and then loads your car onto a hauler that will ship it to Colorado.

No driving, no traffic lights to take your time and patience, no police officers to pull you over and, most importantly, you and your car will be safe. If these reasons are not good enough to persuade you to hire us, then you should also know that the auto shipping price from Iowa to Colorado will be lower than the cost of driving the car yourself.

What Does Car Shipping Involve?

If you want to have your car shipped from Iowa to Colorado you simply have to tell us a pick-up and a drop off point. Our carriers will arrive within a window of 20 minutes at the meeting point and will safely put your vehicle onto the hauler. We will inspect your car for any previous damage and fill in the insurance paperwork.

From then on, until arriving at its destination your vehicle will be in the hands of professionals. It will be at the location of your choice without any extra mile and without you having to get tired and stress yourself.

For cheap car shipping from Iowa to Colorado you can count on us to deliver your vehicle and to offer you quality transportation.

How to Find Us?

If you want any additional information, call us at our toll free number: 888-201-2370 and our representatives will answer all your questions and queries.

For car shipment from Iowa to Colorado or to anywhere else in the States, call American Auto Move and you will not have to drive or worry about anything.