Ship a Car from Indiana to Washington

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Taking Your Car from Indiana to Washington Does Not Have to Be Boring After All

If you think that the only way to get your car from Indiana to Washington is by driving it yourself, then then you need to know that there are dedicated professionals who make a living by transporting people’s automobiles for them.

What Can an Auto Shipping Service from Indiana to Washington Do for You?

Auto shipping companies have skilled drivers with years of experience who can pick up your car, truck or other vehicle, load it onto an open or an enclosed trailer and take it to where it needs to go. This is called door-to-door shipping, and is one of three types of automobile transport we offer at American Auto Move.

You can get your car from Indiana to Washington without having to spend 27 hours driving the 1,800 miles between the two states. By having your car professionally shipped, you will also save money on gas, food and lodging. And will not have to deal with bad weather, traffic jams, detours or the risk of breakdowns or even accidents.

In fact, the car shipping rate from Indiana to Washington will be lower than the cost of driving the car yourself if you use the services of American Auto Move. We can load up to 10 cars on a carrier, which means we spend a lot less on fuel per car, and we pass the savings along to you.

What Is the Auto Transport Price from Indiana to Washington?

Whether you have a boat, motorcycle, SUV, family car or even a luxury car, we can ship it to your destination. Call us or go to our website and fill out a short form and we will give you a personalized quote for safely getting your car to Washington.

We at American Auto Move transport over 10,000 cars a year, so we have the equipment, expertise and experience to handle your car’s move from Indiana to Washington.

How to Contact American Auto Move

If you have any questions about cheap auto transport from Indiana to Washington, feel free to call our toll-free number, 866-327-7863, and our agents will be happy to help you. Or you can visit us online at and learn about our work ethic, our experience and the various shipping options you can choose for shipping your car from Indiana to Washington.