Ship a Car from Indiana to New Jersey

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We Have What It Takes to Get Your Car from Indiana to New Jersey

If you do not want to drive the 700 miles or so from Indiana to New Jersey, then we have the solution for you. We are American Auto Move, an auto shipping company from Indiana to New Jersey.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Us?

Driving from Indiana to New Jersey can be a real challenge, especially if you are under time pressure. There is also the stress of a 13-hour drive and the boredom that can compromise your alertness and make you an unsafe driver. Not to mention the high possibility of traffic jams and closed roads. But you can avoid all these problems by going with a professional car shipping service from Indiana to New Jersey.

How Much Would You Be Charged for Our Services?

In order to quote you a price with any accuracy, we would need to know where in Indiana the car is presently and where in New Jersey we would need to take it. We would also need to know some things about the car itself.

But what we can tell you before knowing any of that is that shipping with us will cost you less than driving it yourself. This is because when you use our vehicle shipping service from Indiana to New Jersey, your car will ride with up to 19 others on an auto carrier, which eliminates the need for separate fuel and driver expenses for each car, all the way from Indiana to New Jersey.

How to Start Our Partnership

There are two ways to get in touch with us. If you visit us online at, you will find that our website is full of information about who we are, how we operate, the various services we offer, and any currently available discounts or special offers. You will also be able to fill out a quick quote form with all the details we need to quote you a quick shipping price for your car.

The second option is to call us at (888) 201-2370. One of our representatives will be happy to help you learn about us and our services and answer any questions you may have.

So if you need your car shipped from Indiana to New Jersey, just give us a call or visit our website, and our representatives will be standing by to help you.