Ship a Car from Illinois to Washington

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Moving Your Car from Illinois to Washington Can Be a Piece of Cake

Moving your car from one place to another can be difficult, especially when it comes to thousands of miles and long driving hours. That is why American Auto Move is there to help you ship your car without any effort from Illinois to Washington.

Why Opt for a Car Shipping Company from Illinois to Washington?

Even if you were to opt for the shortest route from Illinois to Washington, which is Interstate 90, it would still take more than 30 hours to drive the 1,950 miles, whereas opting for a longer route would make you drive 2,100 miles and almost 31 hours on Interstate 80.

But by choosing a carrier service you would save precious time. Accidents are, statistically speaking, the number one cause of death, and long hours combined with fatigue can lead to a possible tragedy. That is why our experienced drivers will take on the task to load and drive your car so that both you and it will be safe.

American Auto Move offers insurance for your car while it is being transported, so any damage that is caused during transport will be fully paid for.

Due to our affordable vehicle shipping rate from Illinois to Washington, you will be saving more money than if you chose to drive the car yourself.

What You Need to Do to Get a Quote for Car Shipment from Illinois to Washington

Visit our website or call us to get a personalized quote. We will take into account the distance between the states, the size of your car and the transportation type you opt for and send you a vehicle shipping quote from Illinois to Washington.

After that, we will take care of all the paperwork and you can be sure that once your car is loaded onto our carrier it will arrive safely at its destination.

How to Get in Touch with Us

For more information about shipping your vehicle, go to our website, It is our commitment to be the best car shipping company from Illinois to Washington and we thrive on knowing that we fulfil all the expectations of our customers. Our customers ratings are consistently high.

If you need car transport service from llinois to Washington, our company is there to cater to your needs and make sure that a difficult task becomes easy.