Ship a Car from Illinois to New Jersey

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How to Get Your Car from Illinois to New Jersey without Driving a Single Mile

You would have to drive more than 750 miles to get your car from Illinois to New Jersey. That means at least 12 hours of driving, not counting any delays due to weather, or the traffic jams you would be sure to run into. How could you avoid all that? By hiring an auto shipping company from Illinois to New Jersey!

What Does Shipping a Car from Illinois to New Jersey Involve?

Contracting auto transport service from Illinois to New Jersey is done in the same way as for any other location in the country. First you would let us know you need the job done and provide us with the details. After that, your vehicle would ride on an auto transport carrier from Illinois to New Jersey. Either we come to get your car from where it is, or you drop it off for our driver to load on the carrier.

What Determines the Shipping Price?

There are two very important things we need to know before we can give you an accurate car shipping quote. The more important one is exactly how far the move is. Taking a car the 976 miles from East St. Louis to Lower Township will naturally cost more than just taking it the 756 miles from Danville to Columbia. So before we can quote a shipping job from Illinois to New Jersey, we need to know the distance between the pick up point and the destination.

Secondly, we need to know about your car. As you might expect, bigger cars cost more to ship than smaller ones. Once we know the model of your car, how big it is, exactly where you need it shipped and any optional services you wish to add, we will be able to give quote you a price.

How to Hire Us to Ship Your Vehicle

There are two ways you can get in touch with us. You can go to our website, read about us, our services, our prices and our commitment to our customers, and fill out our quick quote form to get a fast price for your shipping job. Or if you prefer, you can call us at (888) 201-2370 and a representative will help you get started on having your car shipped from Illinois to New Jersey.