Ship a Car from Illinois to Michigan

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Transporting a Car or Truck from Illinois to Michigan

There are a few different ways to get a car or truck from Illinois to Michigan, and it’s important to choose the most cost-effective and risk-free solution for your particular situation.

How Far Is It from Illinois to Michigan?

The distance from the closest corner of Illinois to the closest corner of Michigan is of only about 50 miles across the southern tip of Lake Michigan, but, from East St. Louis to the Upper Peninsula, it is of about 650 miles and takes more than 10 hours of driving time.

If you have difficulty driving long distances, if you’d rather avoid the extra expense of a return trip after leaving the vehicle at its destination, or if you have a vehicle that shouldn’t or even can’t be driven, such as an antique or hobby car, then you’ll need a reliable vehicle shipping company for your Illinois to Michigan transport.

What’s the Illinois to Michigan Vehicle Shipping Rate?

The rate that any given company will charge for auto transport depends on too many variables to list, so it’s best to contact the companies you’re thinking of using and ask each one for an Illinois to Michigan vehicle shipping quote. Or, you can easily compare our Illinois to Michigan vehicle shipping price to our competitors’ rates by using a Rate Comparison Tool. We offer one on our website at

Of course, there’s more than one way to transport a vehicle. You could drive it yourself; you could hire a private individual to take it for you, or you could use a professional Illinois to Michigan vehicle shipping service.

When comparing the options for your Illinois to Michigan transport, it’s important to remember all the different kinds of expenses involved and to weigh the relative risks and safety issues for each method.

If you’re thinking of driving, don’t forget that depending on the length of the trip you may need to budget for meals as well. If you’re thinking of going with a shipping service, check to make sure what services are covered in price they charge.

We believe when you’ve done your homework you’ll discover that American Auto Move is the best value for transporting your car or truck, because we work hard to make sure we are. Call us toll-free at 866-327-7863 and we’ll be happy to take your vehicle from Illinois to Michigan.