Ship a Car from Idaho to Washington

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Having Your Car Shipped from Idaho to Washington Is a Job for a Professional Auto Carrier

Your free time is precious, so why would you want to be on the road for hours getting tired and frustrated with traffic jams just to move your car from Idaho to Washington?

Why Choose Idaho to Washington Car Shipping Companies?

Idaho and Washington are next-door neighbors, of course, but they are also both big states, so chances are, you will still have a long trip if you decide to drive the car yourself. For example, the distance from Boise to Seattle is about 500 miles. Assuming perfect weather and traffic conditions, it would take 8 hours to drive that far, not counting any stops.

It would also not be inexpensive. You would have to pay for gas and meals, and would be putting miles and extra wear and tear on the car. But by opting for an auto transport service from Idaho to Washington, you would not have to worry about any of that. Your car would be picked up, transported and dropped off, safely, securely and without adding any miles to its odometer.

What to Expect from a Vehicle Shipping Service from Idaho to Washington

The procedure for transporting your car is quite easy. You will have to provide details about your car, the method of shipment you choose and the place where it will be picked up and delivered.

You can expect a professional driver to assist you and to deliver your car according to a predetermined schedule. If you want cheap auto shipping from Idaho to Washington while at the same time getting a high quality transport service, you can count on American Auto Move.

We are a subsidiary of American Auto Move and we ship over 10,000 vehicles every year. Our experience and standards qualify us for even the most difficult auto transport jobs.

How to Get in Touch with Us

If you need to have your car shipped from Idaho to Washington, call our toll-free number at 866-327-7863. We at American Auto Move work hard to be the best auto transport company from Idaho to Washington. We do this by keeping our prices low and our quality high, and assisting our customers during the entire transport process. Call us today and let us show you why we should be the ones to ship your car from Idaho to Washington.