Ship a Car from Idaho to Virginia

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The Choice between Driving vs. Auto Shipping from Idaho to Virginia

Even though the idea of hiring an auto shipping carrier from Idaho to Virginia has consistently grown in popularity since many of the major transport companies have improved their services in the past few years, many people are still thinking that either driving the car to the new destination themselves or having a company drive it (a drive away service) might be the better choice.

Should You Hire a Drive Away Service?

Those who are not attracted to the idea of driving their car themselves and don’t want to hire an Idaho to Virginia auto shipping carrier may also consider drive away services as an alternative to get their vehicles safely across the large distance between the two states.

Now, if you’re considering this option, there might be a few things you didn’t think about:

  • First of all, having your car driven across a distance of about 2,300 miles is no light feat even for the best drivers, and the mountainous regions in Idaho can become a significant obstacle.
  • Your car might not be that new anymore, and having it taken on a long road trip by someone who doesn’t know it like you can lead to additional wear and tear.
  • Actually driving the car will not only make it prone to malfunctions, but also add mileage and require potential expenses for spare tires, oil and other expendable items.

Also, you have to think about the price involved. How much does it cost to move a vehicle from Idaho to Virginia using a drive away service, and is it a good enough option to compete with cheap auto shipping?

Even though drive away services have been the less expensive choice in the past, many of the best auto shipping services have changed their prices to be far more competitive in recent years which makes them a much better option overall.

Keep Your Vehicle in Prime Condition with American Auto Move

The best way of keeping your car safe on a long journey is to simply have it shipped with the help of reliable auto shipping services. Here, at American Auto Move, we have extensive experience helping people deal with their car transport needs and providing them with a viable option for ensuring the safest, most convenient delivery possible.

Regardless of the vehicle you want to transport, we can have the ideal carrier service at your doorstep in a matter of a day or two. Then all you need to do is have your car there at the time that’s been agreed upon, and our trusted drivers will get it from Idaho to Virginia in the exact same condition it was when you presented it.