Ship a Car from Idaho to Ohio

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Shipping Your Car from Idaho to Ohio Is a More Convenient Option than Driving

Ohio is a great destination for tourists and a perfect living area for the water and boat lovers, so there is no wonder that more and more people decide to take the trip from Idaho to Ohio. If that is your case, you are in for a great experience, on the condition that you make the right choice between driving and hiring auto shipping from Idaho to Ohio.

How Much Does It Cost to Drive from Idaho to Ohio?

Well, let us put it this way: the distance is of almost 2000 miles, meaning more than 30 hours of continuous driving. For a diesel car, considering the gas mileage at 25mps, the price of the gas goes over $300 for a one-way road. If you are doing a round trip, more than $600 will go to the gas station.

Add on the resting time that you need, because no one can drive over a day, even when there is another driver to take over the wheel, and, then, calculate the expenses considering that you need to eat, maybe to sleep in a motel, buy a lot of energy drinks and coffee and the price goes much higher.

Isn’t Flying from Idaho to Ohio a More Convenient Solution?

The driving involves covering almost 2,000 miles, while the flying distance is a little over 1,600 miles, takes only four hours, and the price of the ticket is really affordable if you make the reservations in advance. Cheaper, faster, shorter, less stressing and causing fewer worries, flying is a better alternative no matter how you look at things.

What to Do With the Car?

There are numerous cheap auto shipping companies from Idaho to Ohio that you can turn to. Shipping a car means a good rest during the trip, less stress, fewer risks, no worries about where to eat, sleep, where to find a gas station or anything like that. Beside this, flying and hiring an Idaho to Ohio auto shipping service will save you from driving restriction problems and from breaking different states’ traffic rules.

The best vehicle shipping company from Idaho to Ohio is American Auto Move. For more information on our services and shipping policy, visit or contact us by phone at (888) 201-2370. We will help you to forget about driving risks, rules, laws, stress and technical car problems and we will turn the trip from Idaho to Ohio into a pleasure!