Ship a Car from Idaho to Michigan

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Moving Your Auto from Idaho to Michigan

Do you have to get your car from Idaho to Michigan? No matter your reasons, this is a decision that you should not take lightly.

What’s the Distance from Idaho to Michigan?

It is 1,960 miles from Boise to Detroit, and driving there would take about 28 hours, not counting stops, traffic or weather delays. The cost of driving your car to its destination, while it may seem on the surface very frugal, may add up quite a bit once you have counted gas, meals, lodging and wear and tear on your car. And that is all without even counting the risks and potential expenses that could come up along the way, considering the crowded roads and the numerous irresponsible drivers.

What Is the Best Auto Shipping Company from Idaho to Michigan?

We do not expect you to take our word and say that we are the best, not as an Idaho to Michigan auto shipping carrier and not as a national shipping service provider. For your peace of mind, you should research companies and prices and settle for the transporter you consider more reliable for the route from Idaho to Michigan.

If you visit our website,, you will discover detailed information on what we do and how we do it, ask for a price quote or make any inquiries you consider necessary.

How Much Would the Professional Shipping of Your Car Cost?

The rates charged by most vehicle shipping companies from Idaho to Michigan depend on many factors, such as whether you want your vehicle shipped in an open or in a closed container and what your time constraints are. In order to make you an offer, we need to know the details. For that, please fill in the form available on our site,

In the end, you can only reach one conclusion: it is a lot better, from all points of view, to have your car shipped by professionals. You no longer have to waste long hours on the road and you eliminate the considerable risk for an accident or a technical failure to occur.

We know that, once you find out who we are and how we work, you will become a regular client and even recommend us to others. That is because, at American Auto Move, we strive to make your life easier. With us, the trip from Idaho to Michigan will seem a simple formality.