Ship a Car from Idaho to Maryland

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We Will Take Your Car from Idaho to Maryland, So That You Do Not Have to Drive

Driving for 2,400 miles or for 35 hours, on I-80E, in order to get your car from Idaho to Maryland, is an excruciating task. It should only be handled by a specialized company, so that you can use your time more wisely.

What to Expect from a Vehicle Shipping Company

The auto transport costs from Idaho to Maryland will be highly reduced if you chose the services of American Auto Move. We strive to offer the best quality of vehicle shipping at the lowest prices and this will be obvious, especially for a long drive as the one from Idaho to Maryland.

You will not spend anything on gas, food, lodgings, unexpected events or on a mechanical failure. You will have to provide our agents with the make and model of your car, with the exact pick-up spot and the destination of your car as well as with the carrier method you prefer.

Our haulers will arrive at the pick-up place within a window of 20 minutes, will load your car on a carrier, then, one of our representatives will do the paperwork, which implies analyzing your car and insuring it for the trip ahead.

The next time you see your car, it will be at the destination you chose entirely intact, while you will have saved a lot of money on the auto transport price from Idaho to Maryland. Despite the fact that your car will have gone across the entire USA from east to west, passing through cities like: Salt Lake City, Hailey, Joliet or Omaha, it will not have even 1 extra mile on board.

Is a Vehicle Carrier Safe?

Getting your car from Idaho to Maryland through a vehicle carrier is safe and simple, because our drivers never exceed 8 hours of driving in a day and they have years of experience. Our trucks are periodically inspected by the Department of Transportation and abide to the highest standards. We offer for your vehicle a full insurance, so, in case anything does go wrong, you will be fully reimbursed.

More about American Auto Move

We are one of the best auto shipping companies from Idaho to Maryland and, if you are interested in the services we offer, access our web page for more information at: Call us now, to transport your car from Idaho to Maryland or anywhere else in the USA as well.