Ship a Car from Idaho to California

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Looking For Safe, Fast and Affordable Car Shipping from Idaho to California? Contact Us Today!

Since we safely transport cars cross-country on a regular basis, you can be sure that shipping your car from Idaho to California with us will be a breeze! We transport more than 10,000 vehicles of all kinds every year, which makes us one of the largest auto shipping companies in the U.S. This says a lot about our experience!

What are the Key Features of Shipping with American Auto Move?

First of all, we have top rated, 5-star haulers and great drivers to work with. We can transport various types of vehicles, from motorcycles to recreational vehicles and boats. If your car is an antique or a show car, it can be transported in an enclosed trailer, for full protection against the elements. We have an express service for those of you who need their cars picked-up in a maximum of 24 hours from having placed an order, and we pick up cars with our other services in a smaller day window than our competitors anyway. To be exact, we will pick your car in 2-4 days, while other companies usually have a 3-5 day window for doing this. If you want to know where your car is at some point on the Idaho to California route, then you can use our free online tracking service to find out, which is available 24 hours a day.

What is the Price to Move a Car from Idaho to California?

When choosing an auto transport carrier to place your order with, you will of course be interested not only in the types of services it provides and how fast it works, but also in the prices it requests for its services. American Auto Move has a large enough network across the states to afford to offer good prices, while providing great quality services. To  get an instant auto transport quote right away, simply visit our auto transport calculator page today!

If you want the best auto transport company for the Idaho to California route, rely on American Auto Move with confidence – you can be sure you will be working with the best in the business.