Ship a Car from Hawaii to Wisconsin

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The Basics of Exotic Cars Transportation from Hawaii to Wisconsin

If someone has an exotic and pricy car that has to be shipped from Hawaii to Wisconsin, he must think carefully before moving it out of the garage of his home. He has to protect it from scratches or dents, since these cars are very expensive, but, in some circumstances, when it has to be moved to another city or state, the only way to avoid such problems is to have it loaded onto an auto shipping carrier from Hawaii to Wisconsin

What to Look for in the Luxury Vehicles’ Transportation Services?

To ship exotic cars, you cannot afford to go cheap. Select a specialized company that has acquired several years of extensive experience in moving exotic vehicles, since you cannot give your expensive automobile to a new company that just entered the market.

After you have chosen a vehicle shipping company from Hawaii to Wisconsin, decide if you prefer an open or enclosed carrier. The enclosed carriers are a better option because, on them, exotic vehicles are fully protected against the weather elements, such as heat, sun, rain or snow.

Before loading your car, see if the auto transport company you deal with is insured, so that, if something accidental happens to the vehicle during the transit from Hawaii to Wisconsin, you may at least have the legal right to be reimbursed for any damages.

You can even visit the company’s premises or contact its representatives by phone in order to collect any necessary information regarding the amount of money paid to you in case of an incident.

Shipping your exotic vehicle can be a very stressful work, this is why it is recommended to write down any damages that you observe before shipping the car. Take also a few photos or film it for future reference.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Auto Shipping from Hawaii to Wisconsin?

Remove all of your belongings from the car: this has to be done because, usually, transporters do not cover the costs if something goes missing during the shipping from Hawaii to Wisconsin. In addition, if you have certain items that cause damages, you will not be compensated for them.

Verify if the tires or batteries are working properly, because the shipper might charge you extra if your car is not moving with ease before or after its loading for the transportation from Hawaii to Wisconsin.