Ship a Car from Hawaii to Washington

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Transporting Your Car from Hawaii to Washington Is Impossible Without Professional Help

If you have a car or truck you need to move from Hawaii to Washington, you may be wondering how you are going to accomplish that task. The distance from Honolulu to Seattle is 2,680 miles of open ocean. Obviously, you cannot just drive your car over the Pacific Ocean, and there are no ferries to use, either.

The solution is simple: you just hire one of the auto transport companies from Hawaii to Washington. We are American Auto Move, and we are one of those companies. In fact, our customers consistently rate us among the best car shipping companies in the industry.

We at American Auto Move have a pro-rated price with Matson Navigation and this will get you a guaranteed $100 cheaper transportation cost than using Matson services on your own. Therefore, we are able to offer the best vehicle shipping price from Hawaii to Washington.

We will drive your car from the pickup point, ship it by sea and then use our skilled drivers to ship it by car carrier to your destination point in Washington. And we will handle the paperwork, too.

How Can You Get a Car Shipping Quote from Hawaii to Washington?

To get a car shipping quote from Hawaii to Washington, you can either call us at our toll-free number or visit our website and fill out the quick quote form. We will ask you for some details about your car, when you need us to pick up the car and when you will be available to receive it on the other end, and what type of shipping you prefer.

There are three main options at your disposal for vehicle shipping from Hawaii to Washington: port to port, terminal to terminal or door to door shipping. If you are not familiar with the terms or are not sure which option best meets your needs, call us or visit our website and a customer service representative will be happy to advise you.

How to Find Out More About American Auto Move

Feel free to contact us at 866-327-7863 or We are the best vehicle shipping company from Hawaii to Washington as measured by our prices, reliability, experience and customer feedback. American Auto Move is there to help you transport your car safely from Hawaii to Washington while also saving you money.