Ship a Car from Hawaii to Virginia

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How to Save Time and Money on Hawaii to Virginia Car Shipping

Since driving from Hawaii to Virginia is not possible, car shipping companies have been striving to provide better offers to individuals who would want to ship their cars across this long and challenging route.

While chances are that most of the quotes you will find for these shipping services will not be cheap, companies such as American Auto Move exist to make your life easier. We can provide you with significantly lower prices car shipping to Virginia, and we also offer a few special services that most of our clients have been more than satisfied with over the years.

The Problem with Hawaii to Virginia Car Shipping Companies

The most pressing matter when it comes to shipping your car to Virginia from a place like Hawaii is not just the distance, but also the fact that your vehicle will need to be transported across half of the Pacific Ocean.

This is not just a problem related to time, since many car shipping services and brokers find it difficult to ensure lower costs when all the expenses add up. Also, Pacific transport companies willing to ship cars faster to the mainland are often expensive, so it’s not usually a good idea to hire a company to first get your car to a Hawaii terminal, then another one to ship it across the ocean to a port in California and yet another one to transport it through the 3000 or so miles that separate Virginia from the western coast.

Now, you need to ask yourself, what is the price to move a car from Hawaii to Virginia by choosing multiple companies that will only be able to cover individual sections of the journey?

Each of those companies have their own fees and policies, and what’s worse is that in case anything bad happens along the way, you might need to do a lot of digging before being able to figure out exactly who was responsible and how to deal with it.

Choose American Auto Move for a Complete Car Shipping Service

American Auto Move is a well-connected company in partnership with numerous carrier and shipping firms, including one that is considered as the best Pacific transportation service in the country. With our help, you will gain the benefit of having a single company manage and monitor your delivery on sea and land, all the way from Hawaii to the east coast.

In case you’ve never sent your car on such a long journey before, we can assure you that our track record is one of the best in the country, and together with our partners, we can ensure that you will find our Hawaii to Virginia car shipping service to be more than satisfactory.