Ship a Car from Hawaii To Oregon

American Auto Move Provides Port to Port Auto Shipping from Hawaii to Oregon

It is not the 2,600 miles from Hawaii to Oregon that prevents you from moving your car, but the ocean between these two states. There is no highway between them and, as a consequence, you cannot drive on your own. But you do have our port to port shipping service available, and we can assure you that your car will reach its destination in the same condition as when you let us pick it up. If you need port to port transportation, choose American Auto Move, because we are the most reliable Hawaii to Oregon car shipping company.

Is There a Decent Price Plan for the Shipping from Hawaii to Oregon?

We, at American Auto Move, do a lot of auto shipping from port to port. This is why our prices are the best all over the nation. We work with Matson Navigation and, as long as you order shipping from and to Matson ports, you can benefit from their renowned quality services and can enjoy our discounts. This kind of car shipping has never been as easy as it is with us.

Why Is the Port to Port Shipping Service Cost Effective?

When you choose our port to port shipping services, you can be sure that we offer you the best prices and quality. This is possible thanks to the following features:

We can ship to and from ports located in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, or other American territories;

We have multiple port locations in American states and territories;

Shipping with us is flexible, fast, and easy;

Using our services means that you get the same facilities supplied by Matson Shipping;

You are guaranteed a $100 discount, which makes our prices unbeatable.

When you need shipping from Hawaii to Oregon, you always get a good price and we do all the work for you. This is a perfect deal that we propose to you as our most valued client.

Call American Auto Move to Get the Best Hawaii to Oregon Car Shipping Quote

By calling us at 1-888-201-2370, you can find out how to ship your vehicle from Hawaii to Oregon, or you can visit our website, and fill in the form on the Services page, in order to be then contacted by one of our operators and get the best Hawaii to Oregon autotransportquote.