Ship a Car from Hawaii to Ohio

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Is It More Convenient to Drive Your Car from Hawaii to Ohio Than to Ship It by Hiring Auto Transport Companies?

A trip like that from Hawaii to Ohio is not to be taken lightly, no matter how much you love driving, because approximately 4.500 miles, almost half of them on water, mean entire days wasted on the road and a fortune spent on gas, food, on-water transportation, motel rooms, etc.

The alternative is simple – you should leave the worries to a Hawaii to Ohio car shipping company, fly over and have your car delivered to you. You will save time, money and worries, but, above all, energy. You also avoid a danger that we haven’t even taken into account above – the serious possibility for you to fall victim to a traffic accident, to have your car damaged or your life jeopardized.

These are more than enough reasons for anyone to start looking for a specialized auto transport company, and, given the stake, a company like American Auto Move, with an excellent reputation and a great number of vehicles delivered, over 10,000 a year, should be your best choice.

We, at American Auto Move, decided to focus our resources and logistics on the route from Hawaii to Ohio precisely because we know how challenging it can be, and because we received hundreds of requests from our customers.

Now, our employees know the route as the back of their hands, and no incidents have been recorded ever since we began to operate on it. Our vehicle shipping rate from Hawaii to Ohio is extremely low compared to the costs that such a journey would involve or to the prices practiced by other transporters precisely because we ship so many cars – we can divide the costs between several clients and thus make everyone happy.

To find out how much the adventure from Hawaii to Ohio is going to cost you, just fill in the form on and we will send you an offer designed to meet all of your needs and expectations.

Unlike other Hawaii to Ohio auto transport companies, we offer insurance for all the cars that we ship, so, even if the worst happens, no matter how unlikely that is, you can rest assured knowing that you will be compensated for the loss/trouble.

Of course, we try to eliminate all risks for anything of the kind to happen by employing only the best drivers and using only verified carriers, in excellent technical state, at the same time allowing you to track down the location of your vehicle anytime throughout the shipping from Hawaii to Ohio.