Ship a Car from Hawaii to North Carolina

Faster Deliveries and Quality Hawaii to North Carolina Car Shipping Services

The question that many people would ask when it comes to long distance car shipping is: what is the price to move a car from Hawaii to North Carolina and how much time would be needed for the entire job to be finished?

While your average car shipping company might not be up to the challenge to deliver the best results when it comes to solving such problems, by choosing the services of American Auto Move, you can make sure that your car will reach North Carolina in record time and without the overwhelming expenses required by other firms.

The Long Wait for Hawaii to North Carolina Car Shipping Carrier Services

The biggest problem with shipping a car to North Carolina from the Hawaiian Islands is not necessarily the price, but the huge distance that needs to be covered both on the ocean and on land. This is a factor that has caused a lot of problems for car transport companies, many of them finding it extremely difficult to find a route that would maximize speed and effectiveness while minimizing the costs required from clients.

Another significant issue, not unrelated to the one just mentioned, is the fact that the state of North Carolina is located more than 3,000 miles away from the western coast of the United States.

This means that, apart from the time spent on the journey from Hawaii to the closest Californian port, your vehicle will also have to be picked up at the terminal and shipped cross country to your destination point. The total amount of time it would take a regular shipping company to get your car safely from Hawaii to North Carolina would be somewhere between 30 days and almost 2 months.

American Auto Move – a Reliable Car Shipping Company

Our experts at American Auto Move are great at finding solutions even for the most difficult problems that our clients may need help with. With our assistance, you can choose the best carrier service, learn all about the process of shipping a car from Hawaii and get the fastest possible Pacific transport service that can reduce your vehicle’s lengthy journey from 45-50 days to less than 3 weeks.

If you want to benefit from the best car shipping carrier from Hawaii to North Carolina, as well as the fastest services to transport your car across the Pacific Ocean from the Hawaii Islands to the shores of California, American Auto Move will not only provide you with everything you need, but will also make sure that the timing of your vehicle’s journey will be cut as short as possible.