Ship a Car from Hawaii To Minnesota

Professional Hawaii to Minnesota Vehicle Shipping Service from American Auto Move

The distance from Hawaii to Minnesota is almost 4,000 miles distance that involves ocean travel as well, not only driving. Covering such a large distance just to drop your vehicle in Minnesota is not only time consuming and exhausting, but also very costly.

We, here at American Auto Move can provide you with a great, fast and cost-efficient solution for your transport needs: hire us for the job and we will get your vehicle to the destination safe and sound, in the shortest time possible.

Our Offer Is the Best You Can Get

Our large network of carriers handles a huge volume of Hawaii to Minnesota transport request, which gives us experience in road transport and sea cargo as well. With us, you can be sure your vehicle will be in the best hands because

- With our system, you can choose the type of vehicle shipping hauler that you consider the best for your vehicle open haulers are best for standard cars, but if you need more pampering care for your special vehicle, you can go for one of our enclosed carriers;

- You also get to choose where you want to hand over and receive your vehicle with direct shipping plans, you can get your vehicle loaded right in front of your home, while terminal and port-to-port shipping plans offer cheaper, but not less efficient solutions, with pick-up and delivery at one of our facilities.

- With our super-fast and expedited services you can get your vehicle to the destination in record times and you can also choose the pick-up and drop-off location that is the most comfortable for you.

Free Vehicle Tracking for Your Peace of Mind

You can now have access to our online GPS tracking surface free of charge. With the password we give you after you confirm your order you can follow your vehicle as it draws near to its Minnesota destination.

How Much Is It to Ship a Vehicle from Hawaii to Minnesota?

Our partnership with Matson Shipping allows us to practice the most convenient prices. You can now save as much as $100 on Matsons public rates, but you will have the same outstanding transport quality.

Request a Quote and See for Yourself

You can now obtain a free auto transport quote for your shipping needs within seconds. All you have to do is call us at (888) 201-2370 or submit your request via our website, and one of our Hawaii to Minnesota vehicle shipping specialists will put together a tailored quote for you to address all your transport needs.