Ship a Car from Hawaii to Illinois

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Professional Services for Auto Transportation from Hawaii to Illinois

Well, to get from Hawaii to Illinois should not be a problem, but when you have to take your car along, you are faced with a real challenge, an impossible one. But, if you know where to look, you may find the best solution for this problem. We are the answer to your needs, an experienced vehicle shipping company from Hawaii to Illinois.

What Does It Take to Ship a Car from Hawaii to Illinois?

You are probably wondering what type of carriers an auto transport company from Hawaii to Illinois uses? Well it is very simple. We offer a service that is called “Port to Port Auto Shipping”.

Basically, we ship your vehicle from one port to another. This kind of service was especially developed for destinations such as Hawaii and Alaska. Our professionals will take care of the driving, on-water transportation and loading and unloading. The attention to details and the promptitude with which we live up to our promises recommend us as the best car shipping company from Hawaii to Illinois.

About Us and Our Prices

At American Auto Move, we ship more than 10,000 cars annually, so experience is not a problem for us. Even the military trust us with their cars. So, if the U.S. Forces have chosen us, why shouldn’t you give us a phone call?

Business partners with American Auto Move, one of the highest rated companies of this kind in the U.S.A, our company puts the safety of your car first, by hiring experienced drivers and using modern vehicles. For more references, you could take a look at some of our clients’ reviews.

When it comes to the costs of the shipping services like the one from Hawaii to Illinois, they can be easily calculated with a little time and assistance from your part. You can contact us, either by phone, at (888) 201-2370, or online, using the special form at and give us the some information regarding your car, what make and model it is, when it was built, your shipping needs, from what address to what address you want your car shipped, and the type of trailer you want us to use, because we have both open and enclosed trailers, single or common shipping alternatives.

One thing is for sure: on land and water, we will get your car from Hawaii to Illinois safe and sound!