Ship a Car from Hawaii to Florida

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Turning a Challenging Move from Hawaii to Florida into a Pleasant Experience

It’s not easy to ship a vehicle from one end of the country to the other, especially when you’re under time constraints. However, there are ways that you can help yourself! Using a company like American Auto Move to transport your vehicle can save you on time, money and stress! Get your shipping done the right way — Use American Auto Move today!  

Why Use Auto Transport?

The distance from Hawaii to Florida is of approximately of 4,600 miles, which is a huge distance to cover, even for an experienced and skilled driver. That’s not even to mention the fact that Hawaii is actually thousands of miles off of the coast of the contiguous United States! Bottom line: you need to use an auto transport company to get your shipping done. You might as well use a company that can help you save on excellent service.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

American Auto Move is a company with high professional standards, committed to its clients and one of the most appreciated transport service providers in its line of business. More than that, they have the best vehicle shipping costs from Hawaii to Florida and not only. You definitely want a reliable and efficient transporter for your car, someone who knows that its value does not only rely on money, someone who will deliver it safely to destination, and that is exactly why you need to work with American Auto Move.

How to Contact the Company?

In order to find out exactly how much the shipping of your vehicle from Hawaii to Florida would cost, you have to get in touch with American Auto Move and provide them with the information regarding your car and the taking over and handing over points. You can do that by calling (888) 201-2370 or by accessing the company website and filling in the special form on the right of the home page. You will receive the offer with the auto shipping costs from Hawaii to Florida by email in just a couple of minutes. Any other information you may need can be found at, but keep in mind that American Auto Move is your best shot for travelling from Hawaii to Florida with no worries.