Ship a Car from Hawaii to California

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Have Your Car Shipped from Hawaii to California With a Reliable Company – American Auto Move

You may need your car to be transported from Hawaii to California without you needing to travel that distance, because it is not you who has to reach California, it is just your car that has to. In such a situation, you will be interested in finding a reliable auto transport company to serve your request while ensuring affordable auto transport costs. American Auto Move has the necessary experience to handle the job professionally, so that you can be worry-free, and can also offer better prices than all competitors in the USA.

What can American Auto Move Offer Me?

If you need Hawaii to California vehicle shipping, then you will be glad to know that we offer super fast services across the sea and have licensed, insured drivers for transport across states. If you are the owner of a classic car, you can opt for it to be shipped in an enclosed trailer, while our open trailers are available for your day-by-day car. We can even provide military auto shipping. Where port to port shipping is concerned, you should know that we transport more cars from one port to another than pretty much all other shipping companies in the nation. We have earned our customers’ trust with each of our deliveries, on sea or on land, and now we are one of the biggest transport companies by volume. The figures speak for themselves: we ship more than 10,000 vehicles each year.

How much does it cost to ship a vehicle from Hawaii to California?

Before we tell you an exact price, we should know what type of vehicle you need to be shipped for you: car, pick-up truck, RV, convertible, motorcycle, van or boat. Also, we need to know the exact destination and pick-up place. We therefore advise you to complete the quote form on our website, so that we can send you an accurate price estimation after having taken into account the details provided by you. Completing the form is easy, and you will receive an answer from us in no time. Because we have a large network spread across the nation, we have the possibility of offering incredible prices, which you are welcome to compare with the competitors’ prices right on our website (in the Auto Transport Calculator section).

If you are looking for cheap auto transport for the Hawaii to California route, American Auto Move can provide you with that, while offering a high quality service at the same time.