Ship a Car from Georgia to Texas

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Preparing Your Vehicle for Its Shipping Trip from Georgia to Texas

If you’re moving from Georgia to Texas and you own a regular car, SUV, motorcycle or any other vehicle that may be difficult to transport over the roughly 1,000 mile distance between the two states, you need to hire a good car shipping company and get your vehicle ready for the trip.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready

If your car is in good order, here are a few tips you should cover before shipping it:

  • Make sure it is in a clean condition before presenting it for inspection to your vehicle carrier.
  • Have a set of keys ready for the carrier.
  • Secure the battery, turn off any alarms and make sure the vehicle doesn’t have any fluid leaks.
  • Remove any type of luggage, personal items or valuables from your car.
  • On the long journey to Texas, climate changes can be quite frequent, so make sure your car is prepared for any kind of driving condition.

For motorcycles, you should also drain the fuel tank, secure any accessories that may fall off, and notify the transport company’s representatives about any special requests you may have.

Insurance related Details

When it comes to auto transport from Georgia to Colorado – or any other routes, for that matter – insurance can often become a controversial issue.

Even though reliable companies such as ours have strict policies regarding the insurance of the vehicles we transport that favor our clients, in the event that your car gets damaged along the journey, some services will tell you that the damage was not caused as a result of their negligence, so you will have to cover the costs yourself.

In most cases, therefore, if you choose a cheap transport service, it might be best to make sure you have a good insurance policy on your car before having it shipped.

Compare Bids to Find a Good Shipping Company

When in search of a shipping company that can handle your move, the first thing you need to ask yourself is: what is the price to ship a vehicle from Georgia to Colorado?

Unlike what some may think, there is an actual standard price on auto transport rate values, and by looking up a few different quotes and comparing them to that standard price, you can find out which company is more likely to offer you a fair deal, and filter out the rest.

Here, at American Auto Move, our friendly representatives will provide you with all the information you need in order to make an informed choice when it comes to prices, insurance and shipping details. Once you get your car ready, we will promptly deliver it to you from Georgia to Colorado for a price that will not hurt your budget, while also thoroughly informing you on the entire moving process and everything it will entail.