Ship a Car from Georgia To Puerto Rico

Use Port to Port Shipping to Move Your Car from Georgia to Puerto Rico

Getting your car from Georgia to Puerto Rico might be a complicated endeavor, unless you are choosing to use professional help. It might not be that complicated if you were to travel on land, but the 1,400 miles between the two locations spread mostly on water. Therefore, hiring an overseas car shipping service from Georgia to Puerto Rico seems like a good idea when you need to move your car from port to port. A carrier that will transport your car is more comfortable for both you and your car, as you will not have to deal with moving your car from ferry to ferry. Your car will stay put for the entire trip.

What Company to Choose for Transporting Your Car from Georgia to Puerto Rico?

If you are looking for Georgia to Puerto Rico cheap car shipping, you will not find better prices than at American Auto Move. The reason is simple! We, American Auto Move, and Matson Shipping, our partners, are handling most of the port to port shipping in the United States, which means our carriers do not leave the harbors with one or two cars. And the more cars we ship, the lower the prices are.

Besides, we also offer a $100 discount actually, our partners offer it to every client we bring in so you benefit from the best prices on the market, discounts and high quality services. If you are looking for a shipping company that is both quality oriented and price effective, American Auto Move is the place where your search ends.

How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping from Georgia to Puerto Rico?

American Auto Move offers insurance for the vehicles during transportation, and to avoid any unpleasant situation, a pre-shipping inspection is performed before the car is loaded. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you wash the car before the taking over, so that any possible dents or scratches can be easily spotted at the inspection.

Before having your car loaded on a Georgia to Puerto Rico vehicle shipping carrier, you must also remove all personal goods from it. By neglecting to do so, you violate the rules regulating commerce and you risk being fined. There is also the possibility that your goods get damaged, and the insurance does not cover that.

Call one of our agents at 1-888-201-2370 and discuss the details about shipping your car from Georgia to Puerto Rico.