Ship a Car from Georgia to Arizona

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Knowing Where to Start Is Half the Battle When Shipping Vehicles from Georgia to Arizona

The two thousand miles of roads from Georgia to Arizona span the entire range of southern states along the north shore of the Gulf of Mexico and end in the Southwestern desert climates. Shipping a vehicle across such a distance is much easier than you might think, however. While driving the same roads is a venture of several days, hiring professionals to ship your vehicle across the distance instead is a matter of a few moments work.

Shipping Options

Vehicles are as diverse as the people who drive them, and shipping anything so unique from Georgia to Arizona requires a range of options. Common shipping options include variables in both delivery and in the actual nature of the hauler involved.

Most regular vehicles are transported on an open carrier and, in fact, most should be carried in this manner, but some special vehicles will require more delicate handling, such as lift platforms for loading and unloading, shielded and climate controlled interiors for the preservation and protection of the vehicle, and even dedicated equipment designed to accommodate vehicles that cannot load and unload under their own power.

Additionally, many car shipping companies offer different classes of service depending on where the vehicle is loaded and unloaded in the overall sequence of events. Door-to-door shipping is common, as is terminal or port delivery, where the vehicle is delivered by the owner at a specified location, to be then taken over by the carrier.

Cost Considerations

Now that you know what your vehicle is going to need by way of shipping considerations, answering the question of “what is the price to transport a car from Georgia to Arizona?” can be best approached by simply requesting a quote from all prospective service providers. Many companies will give flexible quotes which include clauses that are not always evident at first read. The aim of getting quotes from many different companies is to secure the best possible deal in negotiating a contract in the bewildering array of shipping companies.

Finding the Right Company

Querying several different suppliers and soliciting quotes from each potential contractor is a long and involved process. Sometimes, one company can help handle the whole process, however. Here at American Auto Move we are able, through our extensive driver and sub-contractor lists, to query the field and arrange the best solutions to meet your needs and your budget. So, the next time you need car shipping from Georgia to Arizona, call us or fill out our Quick Quote form and we will handle every little detail for you.