Ship a Car from Florida To West Virginia

Transporting a Car from Florida to West Virginia Is Now Really Easy

Moving your car from Florida to West Virginia can be a really nuisance. There are lots of things to take care of, like gas refills, establishing a convenient route, avoiding traffic detours and paying for highway taxes.

Driving from Florida to West Virginia on your own means covering a distance of over 870 miles from South to North and losing at least 12 on the road (probably twice as much, since you will need to rest as well). Why spend so many hours on the road, when you can use this time for something else more important or urgent? The solution to get things done the easy way is hiring a Florida to West Virginia vehicle shipping service.

Why Hiring a Car Transport Company Is Safer than Driving?

There are a bunch of things that tilt the balance in favor of working with professionals. For starters, a normal company must have a license in this field, which means that its staff is specially trained to deal with any kind of issues a vehicle relocation process may pose.

Then, your car will be transported with a hauler, not driven. Depending on your preferences, you can choose enclosed or open shipping from Florida to West Virginia. Generally, there are no major differences regarding the security and safety of the two types of carriers, but some cars need additional protection from the weather outdoors or the dust on the road, and that is where enclosed trailers come in. The cars needing enclosed shipping are generally either convertibles or show automobiles.

How Can You Get a Florida to West Virginia Car Shipping Quote?

In order to calculate the exact Florida to West Virginia car shipping price the company you are contacting will need a few details. For instance, at American Auto Move, we have a free, quick quote form we need you to fill in at, so that we can calculate the costs according to your needs and get back to you with a price. The sooner you submit your request, the faster we will send you our offer and all the details that may interest you.

Moreover, we, American Auto Move, have a great experience in the auto transport field, registering over 10,000 clients every year, so it is unlikely that you will find a better team to trust with your car’s delivery from Florida to West Virginia.