Ship a Car from Florida to Tennessee

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Florida to Tennessee Vehicle Shipping Made Easy and Affordable by American Auto Move

The road from Florida to Tennessee crosses Georgia and Alabama, offering you the chance to see beautiful landscapes and meet great people. However, if you need to cover the 750-mile distance only to leave a vehicle in Tennessee, the journey can become a big nuisance. If you hire a reputable auto transport company like American Auto Move to take care of your shipping needs, not only will you save money, but you will not have to spend long days in the traffic and you can focus on things more important that only you can do.

Why Hire American Auto Move?

Because our services are among the best in the industry. We work with a huge network of drivers from all over the country, and size comes with immense advantages. Our drivers are the best and we work only with partners who have impeccable ethical standards.

We Give You the Carrier That Best Suits Your Vehicle

Offering the best care for your vehicle is very important. You can easily choose what’s best for your car or motorcycle from our network of hauler platforms. Our open carriers represent great, low-cost options for standard vehicles, while enclosed carriers provide overall protection against the vicissitudes of weather for more sensitive vehicles.

We Offer the Fastest Auto Transport service in the Nation

Having a large carrier base comes with the advantage of shortening turnaround times as well. Our standard pick-up times range between 2 and 4 days, about 50% shorter than the average times practiced by most of our competitors. If you need next day pick-up and your vehicle can be taken over from one of the metro areas of Florida, you can benefit from our 24-hour shipping services.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Vehicle Transported from Florida to Tennessee?

Our Florida to Tennessee services are not only varied and flexible, but very economical as well. If you choose us to handle your shipment, you will not have to spend on fuel, food and accommodation for the road, and you don’t have to waste precious time driving either.

Get Started now – Obtain your Free Quote

If we raised your interest, you can easily see for yourself how great our offer really is. Call us at (888) 201-2370 and talk to one of out transportation specialists or request your free car shipping quote online – whichever way you choose, you will see that our Florida to Tennessee car shipping offer is indeed the best you can get.