Ship a Car from Florida To Oregon

Call American Auto Move If You Need to Ship Your Expensive Car from Florida to Oregon

Although there are many ways to ship your car from Florida to Oregon, trust us when we say that traditional, standard methods are not recommended for special cars like expensive models or cars with exposed interiors. Transporting them on long distances like the 2,400 miles between the two states is not safe enough if special precautions are not taken. Your most valued car certainly deserves being shipped with the bestvehicleshipping company from Florida to Oregon.

Why Is Enclosed Auto Transport Recommended?

Due to the huge distance from Florida to Oregon, you have to protect your vehicle from severe road conditions and eventually bad weather. Fully enclosed transportation is the best method that you could choose, although it is more expensive than shipping with an open trailer. With enclosed trailers, you not only protect your car from external potentially damaging factors, but also from the trailer itself. This type of trailer uses soft tie downs and is equipped with climate control, allowing your car to arrive at destination in the same condition it was left in.

To preserve the integrity of your car, enclosed auto shipping also makes use of liftgates. They work like an elevator, maintaining the horizontal position of your car throughout the loading, offloading and shipping. There is no risk for the undercarriage of your car to be damaged or even stressed, and there are no restrictions regarding the minimum height from the ground. You can practically ship any vehicle, as the level of safety is comparable to parking it in your garage.

What Type of Cars Could Benefit from Enclosed Florida to Oregon Car Shipping?

It is always recommended to use enclosed auto transportation from Florida to Oregon for cars included in one of the following categories:

Antique or classic vehicles;

High end cars;

Show cars;

Vehicles with low profile;

Low clearance cars;

Cars with exposed interiors;

Generally, any car could benefit from this gentle type of transportation, if you can afford to pay more than for standard shipping.

Whom Should You Call?

We are ready to help you anytime you need enclosed auto transportation, no matter how long the distance is. By visiting the American Auto Move website, or calling us at 1-888-201-2370, you will be able to choose your favorite method to ship your car from Florida to Oregon, and you will also get the best Florida to Oregon autoshipping quote possible.