Ship a Car from Florida to Ohio

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The Advantages of Using Car Shipping Companies in Order to Get Your Car Quickly from Florida to Ohio

Car shipping is oftentimes a great option, especially when the distance to cover is considerable, like the one from Florida to Ohio. Before you seal any deals, you should keep in mind that the priority is, not finding cheap auto transport from Florida to Ohio, but rather working with a trustworthy transporter, who will make sure that your car is delivered to destination in good conditions, who will offer insurance and real time tracking.

What Makes Hiring a Vehicle Shipping Company from Florida to Ohio Preferable to Driving?

The distance from Florida to Ohio is of approximately 1,400 kilometers, all of which will add up to your car’s mileage if you decide to drive. Obviously, you cannot drive 17 hours without taking a break, therefore your time and money expenses will expand consistently.

On the other hand, a vehicle shipping carrier from Florida to Ohio will help you to save some money, since if will not incur any costs for gas, travel and for the motel. Lowering costs is definitely a good thing and, if you’re wise and you choose the company carefully, you can effortlessly cut the costs even further.

When you decide for specialized services, all that you have to do is to get your vehicle prepared for the pickup and to set the details for the delivery. By preparation, we mean inspecting it for scratches or damages and preparing its papers, so that you have less to worry about when the transporter’s employees come knocking on your door.

At American Auto Move, we ensure every shipping deal, no matter if on the route from Florida to Ohio of on another one. We have never had accidents or problems worth worrying about, but, just in case, we want to make sure that you will not have to pay if anything tragic happens.

How Will the Insurance Affect the Florida to Ohio Car Shipping Price?

Indeed, the insurance will add up to the price of our services, depending on the car’s value, but our prices are so affordable that you will not even feel it. Just apply for a quote on our website (, or call 1-866-327-7863 and we will answer all of your questions, calculate the final price and communicate it to you, so that you can know everything that the shipping from Florida to Ohio involves.