Ship a Car from Florida To Mississippi

Highly Appealing Florida to Mississippi Vehicle Shipping Rate Offers for Special Vehicles

The average vehicle shipping price from Florida to Mississippi may be overall small if you simply want to have a basic sedan or SUV sent across the rough distance of 700-800 miles between the two states. When you have a special vehicle to transport, however, things may be quite different.

Shipping Special and Inoperable Vehicles

In most cases, you will find that the Florida to Mississippi vehicle shipping rate for transporting special cars such as vintage, sports cars, as well as military or inoperable vehicles may be quite different.

Military vehicles require special security measures and advanced transport carriers, while a collectors car or custom made vehicle may also present significant differences from regular automobiles and require added fees.

Also, if your car is inoperable, an additional fee will often be requested by most companies to compensate for the inconveniences this will cause to the haulers. The fee is called an inop charge and can usually range between $150 and $300.

This is precisely why providing your car shipper with a detailed description of your vehicle is so important even prior to requesting a vehicle transport estimate. Any additional information about your car may prove to be useful in determining the overall price.

Special Deals from American Auto Move

How much does it cost to move a car from Florida to Mississippi with special car transport services? The costs are not that steep, but you need to look for a specialized company to help you find the very best option.

With the help of the vast network of carriers at our disposal, our highly trained experts here at American Auto Move can facilitate any of the following services:

  • Enclosed shipping for expensive vehicles such as sports cars, as well as vintage and classic automobile models.
  • Special shipping features included for inoperable vehicles to facilitate transport and prevent further damage in case certain parts are more fragile and prone to easy damage.
  • High quality carriers able to accommodate anything from light motorbikes to heavy pick-up trucks and SUVs.
  • Military shipping and practical methods for transporting extra large vehicles.

Call now and book your pick-up as soon as possible to benefit from exceptional deals on these services or visit us at our business address in Davie, Florida to find out more about our operations.

With our company, large shipping costs are no longer a problem. Even unusual requests can quickly be accommodated, and you will not only benefit from fairly reduced Florida to Mississippi vehicle shipping costs, but also gain the advantages of punctuality and extreme attention to detail that have often been associated with the carrier services we provide.