Ship a Car from Florida to Maryland

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Do Not Drive Your Car from Florida to Maryland, American Auto Move is Here to Help

Being on the road for long hours while driving from Florida to Maryland can increase your chances of accidents, of getting fines from the police, and will also leave you exhausted. Why bear all this when there are specialized vehicle shipping carriers to do the task for you.

In normal conditions, taking the shortest route on I-95N, the trip from Florida to Maryland takes 13 hours and 45 minutes and implies driving for approximately 949 miles. By opting for a car shipping carrier from Florida to Maryland, you will not have to drive your car, as it will be transported away from possible traffic accidents and dangers.

What Benefits You Get by Opting for a Car Shipping Company?

We, at American Auto Move, are dedicated to fulfill all the requests of our clients and, by choosing to ship your vehicle with us, you do not have to be in any traffic jams, will not have to wait at traffic lights nor will you get fined by the police.

Getting from Florida to Maryland would mean going through busy cities like: Orlando and Jacksonville, where there are many trucks that can slow you down and can hamper your trip. By choosing the car shipping service from Florida to Maryland from American Auto Move, our drivers will handle all the stress of driving and will look out for any road problems, while you spend your valuable time on what really matters.

Is Vehicle Shipping More Expensive Than Driving Yourself?

If you are concerned about the expenses, with American Auto Move, you will get cheap car shipping from Florida to Maryland, because we have the capacity to transport more than one car at the same time and we have experienced drivers that know the roads and the possible perils.

Your final cost will depend on distance, car model and transportation method, but you can be sure it will be less than driving the car yourself. Not only will you save money, but you will not endure the stress of driving, the traffic jams, the boredom of a long drive and the likelihood of an accident.

How to Contact Us?

If you want additional details about American Auto Move, please access our site at: or fill in a short form online with your personal details and we will contact you.

Let us ship your car from Florida to Maryland and you spend your time on what really matters.