Ship a Car from Florida To Idaho

Getting Your Vehicle from Florida to Idaho Is Easy and Convenient with American Auto Move

If you need a reliable, reputable car shipping service to relocate your vehicle from Florida to Idaho, dont look any further: American Auto Move will transport your vehicle to the destination quickly, safely and for reasonable prices.

Why Choose Auto Shipping Instead of Driving the Vehicle Yourself?

Because it is much more comfortable. We work with drivers from all over the country, which means that we can easily get even to the remotest corner of Florida and pick up your car. We can also guarantee that your car will be taken the best care of all the way to Idaho: our enclosed haulers protect your special, sensitive vehicle against the vicissitudes of weather during the transport, while our open haulers work best for standard vehicles.

We provide varied options in terms of pick-up and delivery type as well: if you choose one of our door-to-door services, you can hand over the vehicle right at your doorstep, but if you prefer to hand over your car in one of our hubs, we provide terminal shipping as well.

Fast Standard Options and Expedited Services

We are not only among the largest, but also one of the fastest car shipping companies in the nation. Our standard services guarantee pick-up within 2-4 days of confirming your order, but we can be even faster than that, with our expedited services available in cities.

Online Vehicle Tracking

In an attempt to make you even more comfortable while your car is with us, we have developed an online tracking system you can access any time during the transport and see where your car is at the moment.

How Much Does It Cost to get a Vehicle from Florida to Idaho?

The distance from Florida to Idaho is more than 2,600 miles, so if you chose to take to the road all by yourself, chances are you would not be able to cover the distance in one day. This means that, besides the fuel and the food for the road, you would also have to pay for at least one night in a motel. If you hire us, you will only have to pay a flat rate, way cheaper than your expenses would otherwise be.

How to Get Started

You can easily obtain your free quote right now. If you contact us by submitting your request on our website, one of our transportation experts will put together a personalized quote for you. If you prefer the phone, call us at (888) 201-2370 and we will explain everything you want to know about Florida to Idaho vehicle shipping.