Ship a Car from Florida To District Of Columbia Columbia

Move Your Car Safely from Florida to District of Columbia

Going from Florida to District of Columbia generally takes you about 1,000 miles to drive. For a regular driver, this can be a really exhausting trip, which requires not only energy, but also money.

There are at least 15 hours of nonstop driving from Florida to District of Columbia, so, before you buckle up, you should consider some of the following:

How many hours can you drive?

What is your route?

Are there any closed road sections?

Do you have to take a detour?

Is your car technically ready to run on long distances?

Do you need to spend the night in a motel?

How much gas do you need for this trip?

And this is by far not an exhaustive list of questions. Therefore, in order to save yourself from a lot of trouble, you should hire a professional company able to provide vehicle shipping from Florida to District of Columbia.

How Can You Have Your Car Delivered from Florida to District of Columbia?

Because the two states are situated on the East coast, you can either use a ferry or a Florida to District of Columbia auto shipping carrier. Both are safe solutions for your car’s transportation. For example, if you do not want your car exposed to accident risks and heavy traffic, and you are not in a hurry, you can go for port to port transport. If driving to the port is inconvenient or you are against the clock, road transport is better.

How Can You Find Out How Much the Car Shipping from Florida to District of Columbia Will Cost?

When you are looking for an auto shipping service to contract, you must take into account two main factors: price and quality. There are plenty of transport companies out there, but the one that gives you the best cost/quality ratio is American Auto Move. Our wide range of services meets the highest standards and is designed to fulfill any customer’s demands.

So, if you are interested in getting a free quote from us, visit and fill in and submit the quick form or send us your travel details by email, at

Another option is simply calling our toll free number (888) 201-2370. All of our transports are managed by professional drivers and all cars are shipped on fully functional carriers. Find out how easy and convenient Florida to District of Columbia shipping is!