Ship a Car from Florida to Arizona

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How to Find the Best Florida to Arizona Car Shipping Service

The span from Florida to Arizona represents opposing extremes of climate and the road between them is just as diverse, with rolling grasslands, swamplands, desert mountains, and just about everything else possible. Driving the thousands of miles is not a task lightly undertaken. Shipping a vehicle over such a distance is often the preferable option to driving it yourself.

Shipping As Opposed to Driving

The most common issue revolves around why anybody would ship a vehicle when it’s so simple in this country to just get in and drive. Freedom is cherished, but consider, if you will, how long will it take to drive most of the way across the southern end of the country? A couple thousand miles is going to require at least two or three days’ driving time – time better spent doing other things as often as not. Additionally, when you also consider the costs of food, fuel and lodging during a trip from Florida to Arizona, the vehicle shipping costs become much more appealing.

In short, shipping reduces the wear and tear on the driver and the vehicle, while actually costing less than the essential expenses involved in driving the vehicle to its new home yourself.

What Will It Cost?

Answering the specific question ‘how much does it cost to ship a car from Florida to Arizona?’ can’t be done without knowing all the details about your requirements, but costs are usually calculated per contract on a per mile basis, and dependent on what the nature of the service a given auto shipping company is providing.

Open carrier trailers usually are the most affordable, while special climate controlled haulers are going to be a bit more expensive. Likewise, terminal to terminal shipping ends up costing less, while expedited door to door service costs relatively more. As you can see, each situation is unique, but with all the relevant information in hand, obtaining a an accurate estimate is relatively straightforward.

Where Do You Start?

Calling or emailing a prospective car shipping company and requesting a quote up front, based on the details you’ve already determined, is the common first step. But in the interests of finding the best auto transport company delivery, utilizing the services of a national contractor who is in constant contact with hundreds of drivers and experts is usually the way to go. We at American Auto Move are able to operate in your best interests, negotiating the best contract for your budget and for your situation. Whenever you need to ship a car from Florida to Arizona, why not give us a call first?