Ship a Car from Florida To Alabama

Driving from Florida to Alabama Can Be Avoided with a Shipping Company

If you have to get your car from Florida to Alabama, you need to know that the distance is of 543 miles and the drive itself requires 8 hours and 43 minutes in normal traffic.

Although it might not be the longest drive you ever made, it is still unnecessary, because, if you take the help of a car shipping carrier from Florida to Alabama, they will ship your vehicle safely on a carrier and will make it arrive to its destination without you ever getting behind the wheel.

You save your time, save money and, most importantly, do not take the risks that are associated with long drives.

Why to Ship Your Car with a Car Shipping Company from Florida to Alabama?

The first reason to ship your car with American Auto Move is related to safety. Every drive poses 1% risk of a car crash and, even though we are not trying to scare you, the longer the drive is the higher the risks involved become.

Driving from Florida to Alabama can be dangerous, but we can take this stress from you and allow you to stay safely and comfortably at home. Our highly skilled and experienced drivers know all about the roads, the traffic, the possible road blocks and detours, and can make good choices, even during the most stressful situations.

Another reason to have your car shipped with us is related to the money you save. A long drive would mean stopping to buy food, rest at a motel and pay road taxes. If you count the risks of getting fined, then your expenses increase drastically. It is more affordable to get your car from Florida to Alabama with us.

What Sort of Carriers Are Available?

Car shipping from Florida to Alabama offers you two options in terms of carrier: an open carrier for a normal car and an enclosed carrier with additional tie downs, and electronic advanced climate control system for additional protection. The enclosed carrier is approximately 50% more expensive and is created for low profile, antique or convertible cars. Both carriers are safe and reliable, and your vehicle will reach its destination on time either way.

How to Contact American Auto Move?

Contact us on our toll free number 888-201-2370, and our representatives will answer all your queries. If you wish to transport your car from Florida to Alabama we, at American Auto Move, are here to help you out with all your shipping needs.